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130 lpW – unprecedented efficiency 


LED Tube Series 300; unmatched brightness

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USB Berth Lights

Military Berth Lights

This LED Berth Light consumes 50% less power than that of legacy Berth Lights.

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LED Testing

LED Testing

Learn how LED lighting can save your organization money.

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Energy Focus is a Leading Provider of
Innovative LED Lighting Systems

Energy Focus is a dynamic lighting company that creates superior LED lighting technologies and solutions. Our goal is to provide our customers the highest performance LED lighting retrofit solutions with the lowest total overall ownership cost. With over 28 years of experience in the lighting industry, we are now on the forefront of the LED lighting revolution.

Our core competencies surround superior understanding in electronics, optical design and thermal management. These competencies have helped Energy Focus secure more than $53 million in contracts from the United States government. Furthermore, Energy Focus has been the choice of the United States Navy over the past 6 years in the development of solid-state lighting for the warships that protect our country.

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