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To enlighten and inspire everyone we work with and every customer we serve


To be the trusted leader in LED lighting retrofit

Energy Focus, Inc. is a leading provider of energy efficient LED lighting products, and a developer of energy efficient lighting technology. Our solutions provide energy savings, aesthetics, safety and maintenance cost benefits over conventional lighting. Our long-standing relationship with the U.S. Government includes numerous research and development projects for the DOE and DARPA, creating energy efficient LED lighting systems for the U.S. Navy fleet.  Customers include national, state and local U.S. government agencies as well as Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Navy and many others.


Values A-T-E-F-O-I:

Accountability – Our success is only possible by delivering superior, consistent results from successful people—our team members. The true, intrinsic value of our company is not the stock price but the spiritual and financial confluence of individual and joint efforts from each of our team members. Therefore, we make sure every project is ultimately “owned” by an individual, and we measure our performances and hold ourselves accountable—with rewards and consequences—to whatever we undertake and what we are measured against.

Trust – We believe trust is what bind our teams together, what makes whatever we do much more productive and efficient, and what facilitates a fulfilling and joyful working environment. Trust is critical in unlocking our individual as well as organizational potential. Without trust, we cannot be comfortable engaging in confrontations and debates that make best ideas possible. Without trust, teamwork is impossible. Therefore, before going into the details of any collaborative work, we make sure that we work with trustworthy people—the right people.

Extraordinariness – With all our heart and soul, we strive to do everything, small or large, individually or with our teams, the best we can, and more—because we believe that there is always room to improve and to be better. In practicing continuous improvement, we are able to tap into our creative potential and achieve unprecedented heights that make the lives of our company, our teams and ourselves amazing and extraordinary.

Fun – We all know life is short! There is no substitute of time and happiness in life. If there is no fun working here in Energy Focus—which takes half or even more of our time when we are awake—there is no reason working here. As individuals we need to constantly ask ourselves if we are enjoying our time, realizing our life’s aspirations, and making positive impact on the lives of others—colleagues, customers, vendors, partners and investors—working here. As a company we are obligated to make our company a fun, worthwhile place for our team members to spend their invaluable time with.

Openness – We believe that sincere, straightforward suggestions and creative, bold ideas are both critical in driving our company towards excellence. Therefore we encourage open suggestions, idea exchanges, and viewpoint debates so the best possible ideas can be discovered, generated and adopted. In addition, we believe in over-communications. For everything we say and everything we write, we strive for clarity and simplicity. In other words, when in doubt, communicate.

Integrity – Say what we do and do what we say. Integrity is not only the inevitable human fabric of a sustainable and respectable organization but also the essential element for ourselves and our organization to be one-hundred-percent focused on reaching our wildly important goals (WIGs). With integrity, we are able to build long-term, mutual trust that optimizes our personal and work life. With integrity, we are able to consistently allocate our resources—time, capital, network, effort, creativity—to projects and tasks according to the hierarchy of priorities. With integrity, we are able to make decisions, big or small, that help us reach individual and organizational goals.

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