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“Change a Light. Change a Life” Program Officially Launched!

change a light

Energy Focus has always been on the forefront of lighting and health advocacy. Today, we’re excited to announce our new program with the USGBC, to ensure that students in the Greater NYC area and Tri-state have the opportunity to learn in classrooms outfitted with LED lighting!  In support of better lighting for better learning, the “Change a Light. Change a Life.” program aims to retrofit 50 fluorescents with 50 tubular LEDs in 50 special needs classrooms in 50 schools at no cost.

Most classrooms today are lit with fluorescent lighting.  Fluorescents, emit significant “flicker” that may or may not be detectable by the naked eye. Research has shown that fluorescent lights emit harmful UVB and UVC that are non-detectable by the human eye. These two types of UV rays are known to cause/advance the onset of cataracts, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and even blindness over time.  To the students who are especially prone to lighting sensitivity, it becomes an even bigger concern for the teacher and parents, as it not only affects their grades, but more importantly, their neurological and psychological well-being.  Studies have shown that LED lighting provides children with incredible results by improving their concentration levels and classroom performance.

Besides our commitment to environmental sustainability, we also hold dearly our commitment to enhance human well-being. This means ensuring that our students have the opportunity to learn in healthy and safe environments that LED lighting is able to create. LED’s lighting spectrum is the closest to that of the natural sunlight, which drastically improves the trueness of color (color rendering – CRI). In addition, the ‘solid-state’ technology eliminates flicker that help to improve our vision/acuity, alertness, mood, and attention.

If you’re interested in getting your school involved, click here to learn more!

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