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Clean Energy and 100% Flicker-Free Lights at Greenbuild 2016

Energy Focus provided a major presence at the 2016 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Los Angeles, CA, the week of Oct. 5. More than 10,000 building professionals from all over the world attended Greenbuild 2016 for three days of outstanding educational sessions, renowned speakers and special seminars. The Energy Focus booth was packed from start to finish. Energy Focus LED lighting experts had the opportunity to meet with key decision-makers in the commercial, healthcare, and educational industries to discuss our newest products – RedCap, Intellitube® NR, and 500 NR.


Our new Flicker Off! campaign launched at Greenbuild, as we shared the negative impact flicker has on our health.  Did you know, switching to 100% flicker-free LEDs drastically increases the productivity and health of staff and students? Energy Focus 100% flicker-free LED lighting may help reduce headaches, eyestrain, and other discomforts you might not realize are coming from the lights!  Substropic flicker is invisible to the human eye, but puts stress on your brain as it processes visuals.  Others in the industry are asking, “What’s the acceptable amount of flicker in your lights?”  Energy Focus says, “None”!

People who have visual hypersensitivity are susceptible to fluctuations in light; that is especially true for those on the autism spectrum.  Energy Focus removes flicker because we believe that people, especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, do not need complications in their learning and work environments. Energy Focus LEDs are the ONLY 100% flicker-free lights on the market!

One of our favorite moments at the expo was when our partners at US Green Building Council visited the Energy Focus booth to promote our clean lighting technology!  We have partnered with USGBC since 2015, bringing a new light to schools through the Green Apple partnership.  We believe that making our schools healthier and more efficient is more than just an opportunity, it’s a responsibility.  As part of our commitment to the partnership, Energy Focus donates 2.5 cents for every tubular LED sold, which carries the Green Apple mark, to support the Center for Green Schools to create a healthier safer, more sustainable learning environments. We look forward to introducing more new products at the 2017 show in Boston!


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