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Five Years of Success & Reliability with Truline Industries

The entire team at Energy Focus is excited to announce that we’ve reached the 5 year milestone with Truline Industries! We originally installed 930 LEDs five years ago at Truline, in their manufacturing facility, offices, and building exterior. With a 99.8% reliability rate, we want the world to know how incredible our products are!

Watch the Success Story video! Hear directly from Truline President, Stuart Watson, and key staff on what Energy Focus LEDs means to them and their day-to-day deliverables.

Truline Industries, the leading precision machine parts manufacturer for the aircraft industry, includes some of the largest aerospace corporations as their clients such as Boeing, Airbus, United Technologies and Eaton. Their ability to institute the highest quality standards is paramount across all Truline positions and our LEDs has supported them every step of the way. Truline manufactures parts that are critical to the aircraft industry, so their work requires close attention to detail and being able to see small parts is crucial.  Switching out their fluorescent lights with our TLED provided them with increased energy savings, visual appearance, and also gave them the opportunity to enhance their sustainability profile.


Truline Manufacturing Warehouse After TLED Retrofit

Energy Focus’s TLEDs have not only helped the company reach its advanced sustainability goals through significant lighting energy reductions and improved operational efficiency, but they’ve also enhanced the well-being of the employees in the facility through brighter, flicker-free and smoother light.

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