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Distributed Lighting/Other

Energy Focus, Inc. executed Distributed Lighting Projects and Optical Projects to help provide high efficiency and innovative lighting solutions before LEDs  became more efficient.   Energy Focus, Inc.’s Control projects help leverage LED efficiency with added benefits.

Projects include: (look for future updates and details)

  • DARPA: mGrIN*
  • DARPA: HEDL Optics
  • NIST: Plastic Fiber
  • DARPA: Arctube Coating
  • DARPA: Fiber Flame Resistance
  • DOE: Instant Light
  • DOE :Fiber Cost Reduction
  • DARPA: HEDL Integration
  • DARPA: HEDL Luminaire
  • DARPA: HEDL Full Spectrum
  • DOE: Sol Gel*
  • OTF: CRICKET Sensor
  • DOE: CRICKET Control
  • Army: Day lighting System*

* = Active

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