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Innovative Lighting & Technology Transitions

EFOI has a 30 year history of innovative lighting technologies for some of the most stringent applications known.  We have developed advanced lighting solutions for government and commercial customers including shipboard lighting for the US Navy. EFOI has all the required marketing expertise in-house already. Although we are a relatively small company, we have made tremendous progress selling to very large accounts.

Our established path for a product’s life cycle is shown above.  This path takes grants from various sources in the Development Stage, and successfully executes a project which results in a Military Tough product suitable for early adopters in the Introduction Stage.  That technology is then transitioned to a product with less features and a subsequent lower price for the commercial market in the Growth Stage.  The government supports this transition too, as it understands the higher volumes of commercial sales will feedback into cost and logistics savings for them.  IntelliTube technology has finished the Development Stage, already exists onboard Navy ships in the Introduction Stage and is transitioning to the Growth Stage.

Innovative Lighting & Technology Transitions

Evidence of EFOI R&D’s success at LED technology transition from the Introduction to the Growth Stage is the EFO product line and the Navy globe spin-offs.  Four completed Phase II SBIR projects all contributed to the EFO product line and are credited with millions of dollars in revenue.  The development of globe light fixtures for the US Navy spawned several commercial spinoffs with over 22,000 units sales to date, as shown above.

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