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Energy Focus Cares

Energy Focus cares about lighting quality and how lighting effects people. As leaders in tubular LED, we analyze the research our industry is conducting to helps us create the highest quality lighting products for our clients. We not only care that our tubular LEDs maximize savings for clients, we care about the ways lighting effects our health and well-being.

Why Energy Focus LED

Our LED’s go through a long design and engineering process, rigorous testing for meeting high standards  set by our leading team of  top researches and scientists. Quality and energy savings are our top priorities.

  • Energy Focus LED tubes measure near a 17% flicker rate, that’s among the lowest designed in the market today
  • Energy Focus LED tubes have no harmful UV.
  • Energy Focus LED tubes use ½ the energy of fluorescent tubes and last longer: 50,000 hours of use (15 + years at 8 hrs./day)
  • Energy Focus tubes do not contain harmful toxic Mercury
  • Disposal of Energy Focus tubes is environmentally friendly


“It costs us more to test our products and demand the highest quality standards but we care about people first
and producing the highest quality of lighting in our tubes.” – John Davenport, Chief Scientist, Energy Focus


Lighting and Flicker

Lighting in schools and its effects on children, special needs students and anyone with  sensitivities to fluorescent lighting.

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