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Case Study – Corrpro, An Aegion Company

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Corrpro is a leading provider of cathodic protection corrosion control systems and engineering services, as well as a leading supplier of corrosion protection services relating to coatings, pipeline integrity and reinforced concrete structures.

Customer Issues

  • Outdated lighting technology resulting in insufficient light levels
  • Wide assortment of lighting technologies resulting in increased maintenance issues
  • Frequent light failures – increasing both maintenance cost and overall energy consumption

Lighting Solution

Corrpro-factsThis 50,000 sq ft facility was upgraded to an exclusive LED solution. Throughout the office, outdated T12 fluorescent lamps were replaced with Energy Focus Series 100 LED Tubes, going from 4 lamps or 133W per fixture to only 2 lamps equaling 30W per fixture. The warehouse was lit with 400W metal Halide Highbays consuming 460W each. After the upgrade, it is now lit with 6 Lamp linear Highbay fixtures using Energy Focus Series 100 LED Tubes bringing the energy consumption per fixture to only 90W, a reduction of 370W per fixture. Additionally, light sensors were installed throughout the facility to reduce the lighting demand further in areas where no one is present.

End Result

Replacing the existing inefficient lighting technology not only saved thousands of dollars in energy, but also improved the light quality throughout the facility. By reducing the kilowatt load from 188 to 22, Corrpro contributes greatly to our Nations desire to reduce energy consumption.

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