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Case Study – Goodrich Corporation

Goodrich Corporation LED Retrofits

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Goodrich Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, is a leading global supplier of systems and services to the aerospace and defense industry. With hundreds of facilities worldwide, the Twinsburg, OH plant is the Business Unit Headquarter for Engine Control and Electrical Power systems. The team members here design new products and offer technical support on existing product lines. Their work takes place in the office in front of computers or in the warehouse designing prototypes. Good lighting is imperative to ensure high quality and employee satisfaction.

Lighting Solution

Energy Focus was able to offer Goodrich significant energy and cost savings with a simple LED retrofit program that included both high efficiency linear LED lighting as well as fluorescents. Throughout the office and common areas, all T-12 fluorescent lamps and corresponding magnetic ballasts were removed and replaced by new long life T-8 LED lamps with high efficient electronic ballasts. In the warehouse and work areas these goodrich-factssame high efficiency lamps in 10 tube fixtures were installed, replacing energy guzzling old technology Metal Halide High Bay fixtures. All fixtures were equipped with motion sensors to further reduce the lighting load in areas where no one was working. Next the conference room got a make-over where all incandescent can lights were replaced with new LED replacements that use 10% of the energy of its predecessor. Finally Energy Focus used LED LandScape lights to light up the building’s exterior and better illuminate the shipping docks.

End Result

Both energy consumption and visual appearance were greatly increased inside the facility and around the building.

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