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Case Study – Hartville Marketplace


In February-2015, Energy Focus completed an LED retrofit project with Hartville Marketplace (Hartville, Ohio). Hartville Marketplace underwent this LED project in their main building, which consists of many different vendors selling everything from food to clothes, jewelry, and accessories, including 3 restaurants. Our LED’s have successfully been installed for a variety of retailing applications at a single location. We improved light quality for Hartville Marketplace, with a very attractive payback that will provide them with savings over the next decade.


Two problems that many people face with their linear fluorescents, is that they tend to quickly burn out and change colors. These are huge problems, especially for retailors trying to create a pleasant shopping venue for their customers. Hartville Marketplace also wanted to satisfy their vendors, by providing lights that would enhance the displays of their products.

Energy Focus’s tubular LED’s provided Hartville with an even light that was clean and crisp. The President of Hartville Marketplace, Marion Coblentz, complimented the light quality of our LED’s by claiming: “It makes the food look better…People talk about the way the clothes look… and the jewelry sparkles more.” This is very positive feedback, because we know that our light quality will further enhance the retail experience for Hartville’s customers.

Our light quality has improved the appearance of their products, and will potentially entice consumers to purchase more. Another interesting point Marion brought up is that “the lighting focuses down on the products.” LED lights are directional, and this improves light quality as it reaches the surface. With linear fluorescents, much of the light is being directed into the fixture, which will cause a glare. Overall, this is a great success story because Energy Focus’s lights can improve a retailer’s business environment, just by improving their lighting. Furthermore, Hartville Marketplace will enjoy the financial benefits from the energy savings.

Watch the video to learn more:

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