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Case Study – Louisville Parking Garage

Parking Garage LED Retrofit

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Customer Issues

When the facility maintenance group responsible for this two story private parking garage considered updating the existing HID lighting, they had a number of concerns to address. The challenge was to reduce operating costs while maintaining aesthetics, safety and security.

The existing HID lighting system consisted of (288) 100W metal halide fixtures. Half the lights are on 24/7, the others 12 hours every day bringing the energy consumption to 19,000 kWh per month. Constant failures of individual lamps and ballast inspired the team to think outside the box: LED.

Lighting Solution

parking-garage-factsAfter looking at a number of new LED fixture options, and evaluating total installation costs of fixture replacement, the team was ready to consider fixture retro-fit. When the Energy Focus team proposed the usage of the eLED™ LEDWP retrofit kit, the numbers were extremely compelling. The maintenance group wanted to see it to believe it. A test area of six fixtures was installed and everybody was extremely pleased with the results. The new light levels were improved, and the fixtures would easily accept the LEDWP retrofit kits without having to be removed from the ceiling, greatly reducing the time and cost of installation.

End Result

The Energy Focus 30W LEDWP retrofit kit was successful in reducing the total connected lighting load for the parking garage to 8.64 kW, and reduced average monthly consumption to less than 4,700 kWh. That’s a savings of over $1,400/month on energy alone, or a simple payback of less than two years. With the standard 5 year warranty offered with the LEDWP retrofit kits, the ownership cost savings on lamps and ballast make the economic payback even more compelling.

Energy Focus’ eLED™ LEDWP… It’s not just for wall packs.

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