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Case Study – Louisville Parking Garage

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A municipality in Louisville, Kentucky needed to decrease their annual energy costs. A large expense originated from the city’s twelve parking garages.

The garages utilized outdated High Pressure Sodium (HPS) fixtures and fluorescent lamps. The garages housed over 4,317 energy-wasting luminaires. The city wanted to find a significantly more efficient solution that would also reduce maintenance and increase overall safety within the facilities.


Energy Focus was brought in to perform an initial energy audit, which revealed that the facility could achieve an amazing 85% in energy reduction by replacing their current lighting fixtures with high-performance, Energy Focus LED replacement tube lamps.

Their current installed fixture base used between 150 and 175 watts of energy during normal operation. It was an ideal retrofit application that would reduce the energy consumption, eliminate years of maintenance and better light the space to create a safer parking facility.

To meet their goals, the city choose to use Energy Focus Vapor Tight Series LED housings with LED T8 replacement lamps. By installing the retrofit tubes, the facility achieved a 145 watt reduction per fixture for a total annual lighting energy savings of $410,239. To accomplish this, the existing fixtures were retrofitted with new Vapor Tight fixtures using only three-15 watt Energy Focus LED tubes. To extend the energy savings even further, the fixtures were outfitted with low cost motion control occupancy sensors. The occupancy sensing features assured that there was always light when it was needed, while no light was wasted when the parking garage was empty.

The completed project replaced 2,260 High Pressure Sodium (HPS) 150W canopy lights and 1,420 fluorescent 175W canopy lights. The enhanced illumination and improved safety of the overall environment was as dramatic as the astounding energy savings. Corners, walkways and thoroughfares become fully illuminated without the addition of unnecessary fixtures and a substantial reduction in the overall maintenance of the garage for years to come.

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