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Case Study – Mantua Manufacturing

Mantua Manufacturing Commercial Lights

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Mantua Manufacturing, founded in 1952, has been supplying quality bed frames and accessories to both large national chains and small entrepreneurs for over 57 years. With strategically placed warehouses around the country and three manufacturing facilities, Mantua’s reach goes beyond all 50 states to all of North America, Mexico and Latin America.

Customer Issues

When it was time to upgrade the exterior lighting at its headquarter in Walton Hills, OH, Jeff Weekley, VP Operations/Controller turned to PCX mantua-factsEnergy Services who recommended Energy Focus Inc. and its LED Light Commercial Lighting Solutions. It took only one quick audit to determine the immediate need. Of the 10 Wall pack fixtures surrounding the building 6 were burned out, leaving the parking lot and backside of the building completely in the dark. At 30 feet high, few companies have the equipment to change light bulbs themselves. That means the simple act of replacing a burned out lamp turns into an expensive and time consuming endeavor involving outside contractors with the right equipment. A task often pushed back until something happens.

Lighting Solution

Energy Focus Inc’s LED commercial lighting solution offers much more than just energy reduction to Mantua; it eliminates the need to replace burned out lamps. With a 50,000 hour life expectancy these new fixtures will light the building for at least 14 years without ever needing a lamp change. A welcome benefit to building owners and operators that have to be concerned about meeting local building codes as well as complying with OSHA safety requirements.

Reduced energy consumption was no small impact for this project either. Before the retrofit, Mantua was consuming 4,225 Watts to light up the outside of their building, including a sign in the front and a loading dock area in the back of the building. After the retrofit, the new consumption is 279 Watts; a 93.4% reduction in energy usage. That’s almost $2,000 annually in energy cost alone, not even talking about the enormous savings for not having to call a contractor for lamp replacements. And with a simple payback under 2 years, Mantua is sure to recommend Energy Focus Inc. to fellow building owners.

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