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U.S. Navy


Energy Focus has been providing LED lighting products to the United States Navy since 2007. As the sole provider of LED retrofits to the US Navy, we have products on more than half of the surface and submarine Fleet. The US Navy continues their conversion of the Fleet from the legacy fluorescents to LED, with lighting provided by Energy Focus. Having been qualified to the most stringent requirements, per US Naval specification, Energy Focus lighting products are now being sought & purchased by foreign Navies who have also begun conversion of their fleets to LED. Millions of dollars in fuel saving, around the globe, with Energy Focus (Naval Qualified) LED lighting.    


Making an impact on the USS Gettysburg!

Energy Focus continues to make significant contributions to the lives of our Sailors as shown in the recent video produced aboard the USS Gettysburg! Watch the incredible video below to see why installing the Energy Focus MI Intellitube® throughout has improved the overall quality of life, making it brighter, safer, easier, better for those on board. 
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