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Energy Focus continues to make significant contributions to the lives of our Sailors as shown in the recent video produced aboard the USS Gettysburg!

Watch the incredible video here to see why installing the Energy Focus MI Intellitube® throughout has improved the overall quality of life, making it brighter, safer, easier, better for those on board.

A truly intelligent LED: Energy Focus has earned “Military Tough” credibility with its military and commercial customers. These products will not fail, even under the stress of very demanding environments. Our products provide energy savings, aesthetics, safety and maintenance cost benefits over conventional lighting and our long-standing relationship with the U.S. Government includes numerous research and development projects for the DOE and DARPA, creating energy efficient LED lighting systems for the U.S. Navy fleet. The Intellitube is also “Buy American Act” and “Trade Agreements Act” compliant, as it is proudly made in the USA.

Click here to learn more about the MI Intellitube.

For more information about this installation or our Military-grade products, please contact Energy Focus today at (440) 715-1300.ship

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