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Case Study – Cuyahoga County

Cuyahoga County LED Luminaires

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Cuyahoga County is Ohio’s most populous county. It is located right at Lake Erie with its county seat in Cleveland, OH. The county is part of Greater Cleveland, a metropolitan area, and Northeast Ohio, a thirteen-county region, joined together in economic development initiatives.

Customer Issues

Internally, the Cuyahoga County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) has created an Office of Sustainability to review the environmental impact of current operations and coordinate “green” development across the entire region reacting to the growing concern regarding how public and private facilities and operations affect the environment.

Lighting Solution

cuyahoga-county-factsLighting on public buildings is always visible and starting there to show commitment to the people was an easy choice for the county. Together with Energy Focus Inc., they replaced high wattage metal halide fixtures with Energy Focus’ 26 watt LED landscape luminaires. The fixtures are exclusively manufactured by Energy Focus, Inc in Solon, OH. This LED luminaire retrofit reduced the county building’s energy consumption by 89% and with 50,000 hour lamp life eliminated maintenance for at least 10 years. Due to the convenient design for direct retrofits, the project was completed in less than one week.

Additionally, Energy Focus, Inc upgraded the general walkway, the building’s common areas and other utility zones such as the shipping and receiving areas with LED technology to ensure green and sustainable solutions for Cuyahoga County and the Gerber Building’s future.

In total, this energy efficient upgrade will improve the environmental impact of the county by lowering electrical consumption by 89% annually. In other words, the LED technology upgrade is equivalent to planting 8,121 new trees or taking 11 cars off the road.

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