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Case Study – Munson Fire Department

Munson Fire Department LED Tube Lightsa

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First organized in 1952, the Munson Township Fire Department provides a broad spectrum of services to the community including tending to fires of any nature, emergency medical calls, rescues, various types of public assists and calls about hazardous material.

Customer Issues

Outdated lighting technologies – Insufficient light levels
High maintenance cost and multiple technologies
Frequent light failures – Increasing energy & maintenance costs

munson-factsLighting Solution

The current building was built in 1976 as a volunteer Fire Department, but is now a full time 24/7 operation that requires a bit more light than 35 years ago. With an initial response area of twenty-five square miles contained within Geauga County, OH, the department must be ready to roll out any time of day and night.

Throughout the garage, open T12 fluorescent fixtures were replaced with high efficient LED 4’ Tube lights in new fixtures to create the main lighting. Additionally, metal halide fixtures that were installed about 5 years ago were also replaced with the same new fixtures and LED tube lights.

In the common areas, including the kitchen, bunks and a conference room, outdated T12 fluorescent fixtures were replaced with new, high efficiency T8 fluorescent tube lights to ensure comfortable lighting in those areas.

End Result

The garage is used for maintenance and mechanical repair work on the fire engines and sufficient quality light is essential to ensure good visibility. The new LED tube lights deliver more light on target and thanks to the new lighting layout the fixtures are now between the fire engines, not above them. The service men’s corners are now adequately lit to ensure proper rest and relaxation between calls.

The department will save roughly $4,000 annually in energy cost alone plus an additional $6,200 annually in maintenance cost replacing broken and burned out bulbs. With the new lighting, the department is ready to respond to emergency calls without waiting for the lights to come on.

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