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Case Study – Osceola School District

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The Osceola School District is on a journey toward excellence with its students and facilities. “We have many and various opportunities for our students to grow and be successful in their pursuit of knowledge. Decisions made by the school district are always based on what is best for our students,” explains Superintendent Michael Cox.

“In addition to saving money, we are improving the environment for our students – the most rewarding part of the project.”

Customer Issues

The Osceola School District had old fluorescent lights that produced over-lit classrooms that consistently drew complaints from students, teachers and staff. The excess lighting was draining the electric budget, especially during the cooling season.

project-factsLighting Solution

The Osceola School District utilized the Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) process to see how they could positively impact students’ learning environment while reducing electrical consumption. Energy Focus was brought in to analyze the district’s lighting systems for the best LED lighting application.

Energy Focus’s linear LED technology was a perfect choice for retrofitting existing fixtures. The new LED lamps provided a full-spectrum light distribution that exceeded current lighting standards. The quality of lighting has dramatically improved the classroom by eliminating high contrast light glare and dark shadows.

End Result

Osceola School District created a superior learning environment for its students while achieving $75,696 in electrical savings with the LED lighting upgrade. That’s a big step in the school district’s journey towards excellence.

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