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Case Study – Penn Manor School District

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The Penn Manor School district located in rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania consists of 10-schools. Committed to their slogan of,“A Better Community…One Student at a Time” the district continues to deploy innovative solutions that improve the student’s learning experience.

Customer Issues

  • Outdated fluorescent lighting was producing insufficient output.
  • Lighting flicker as lamps age was distracting and seemed to contribute to student and faculty headaches.
  • Frequent fluorescent lamp failures created inadequately lit classrooms; lamp changes tend to consume too much maintenance staff time.

Penn-factsLighting Solution

After researching the advantages of Tubular LEDs, Penn Manor Middle school decided to retrofit their existing fluorescent fixtures with the lowest cost, highest performance LED products sold by Energy Focus, the Series 100.  Lowering energy consumption 50% and minimizing maintenance expenses was realized when using the high lumens per watt Series 100.  Rated to last 50,000-hours enabled Penn Manor Middle school to change fewer lamps while keeping classrooms fully lit. The Energy Focus Series 100 lamps were able to offer the savings and longevity requested.

End Result

With over 3,700 Tubular LED lamps installed, Penn Manor Middle school improved classroom lighting, reduced energy consumption by 50% or $32,122 per year and now requires fewer hours of dedicated maintenance time to changing tubular lamps. The Energy Focus Series 100 enabled everyone to win.

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