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Case Study – University of Utah

University of Utah LED Lighting SolutionDownload the PDF.

Before Solution

University of Utah Hospital provides leading-edge medicine, patient care and renowned medical education. With more important issues a hospital faces every day, why should lighting be a concern? High ceilings and hard to reach lighting locations made for increased maintenance cost. Each of the 85 fixture locations used two 32w 4pin CFL’s that contributed to high energy usage and inconsistent, spotty lighting. The hospital operates 24/7, requiring a lighting solution to ease the maintenance and energy nightmare.

university-of-utah-factsThe Solution

Energy Focus Inc’s 30watt LED Retrofit was the solution. This LED lighting solution proved to reduce annual energy consumption by more than half from the previous year. From 48,196 kWh to now only 21,206 kWh, this adds up to 26,990 kWh saved every year and a power savings of 31.2 kW saved annually. This energy savings is based on only one area of the hospital with 85 lamps changes. More areas of the hospital are making the change to the 30w retrofit kit. Additional retrofits will contribute to the reduced energy and maintenance costs for the hospital. The new 30watt LED Retrofit lighting offers consistent lighting from point to point and eliminates the need to change lamps in such hard to reach locations. The even coloring and higher CRI create a much cleaner and welcoming environment. This project also resulted in an elimination of 31.41 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. With the collaboration of Energy Focus Inc., Platt Electric and the University of Utah Hospital, we have reduced risk and increased valuable resources for the hospital.

End Result

Cleaner, more consistent lighting with even coloring and a higher CRI. Payback is 2.3 years when incentive, energy and maintenance savings are factored.

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