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200D Series LED Tube

The Energy Focus 200D Series LED retrofit tube is our entry level tube providing the industry’s best performance at the lowest total cost for maximum energy savings.

  • DLC listed
  • Replaces T8 and T12 tubes

For lamp replacement of fluorescent tubes at standard ceiling heights, the Energy Focus 200D Series is the best tube to assure proper light quality and maximum energy savings is achieved at the lowest overall cost available.

The 200D Series is available in:

  • Clear lens:
    • (24”) 2’, 8 watt tube at 120 LPW
    • (48”) 4’, 15 watt tube at 125 LPW
  • Frosted lens*:
    • (24”) 2’, 8 watt tube at 110 LPW
    • (48”) 4’, 15 watt tube at 113 LPW

The Frosted lens option diffuses the light for a softer appearance.  

Energy Focus LED retrofit tubes are single-ended electrically connected tubes that do not use ballasts in existing fixtures, thus making ballasts obsolete. Ballast life is typically 3 to 5 years. Once a ballast fails, they must be replaced resulting in additional material and labor costs. Energy Focus LED tubes bypass the ballast for a direct wire into the fixture and last 50,000 hours (15+ years at 8 hrs. /day) before a replacement may be needed.

For the lowest total cost of ownership with maximum energy savings, retrofit lighting fixtures with Energy Focus LED tubes.


Download the 200D Series LED Tube spec sheet.

Download the IES Files.

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