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500 NR Series LED Tube

The 500 NR retrofit tube includes circuitry that limits current input and directly connects to the main power, no longer requiring the ballast for normal operation.  The direct wire TLED’s efficiency is extended by adding 0-10V dimming capability to the integrated driver. Dimming supports the legacy IEC 60929 specification, as well as the emerging NEMA 137.1, making it compatible with legacy dimming systems as well as modern, networked systems.

How did we accomplish this?   A second set of contacts is needed to communicate 0-10V signals into the driver. We implemented this with a second pair of pins on one endcap, recessed from the end of the lamp. This provides a simple and reliable means of connection, and removes the possibility of accidental damage from inserting a lamp incorrectly. An accompanying socket has contacts for power and dimming, so retrofit only adds the negligible hookup of a few extra wires. A simple dongle wire with color-coded wires is shipped with each lamp, to support situations where a specialty socket is used.  The socket provides one extra benefit, the contacts for the dimming create a mechanical interference to non-compatible lamps. This makes it impossible to put a fluorescent into a direct wire fixture.

The second set of contacts also results in the networking of TLEDs for universal connectivity and data collection via a variety of control mechanisms including wireless, broadband over power-line (“BPL”), as well as directly via wired low voltage D.C. (“twisted-pair”). With the network ready feature we have the opportunity of utilizing various sensing methods and controlling lighting through building automation or management systems.


500 NR Spec Sheet

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