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Intellitube® NR

Building on Energy Focus’ first generation Intellitube® technology, the new Intellitube® NR Series becomes the first, dual-mode LED tubes in the market that providing network ready dimming.  The 0–10V dimming capability (conforming to the IEC 60929 standard), incorporated in the integrated driver, enables the tube to communicate to existing control networks via a variety of dimming control protocols, including wireless, broadband over power-line (BPL), as well as via directly wired low voltage D.C. (“twisted-pair”) when used in the direct wire mode.

Intellitube® NR is available in various length and wattage options:  a 2 foot lamp at 8 Watts; a 3 foot lamp at 11 Watts, and 4 foot lamps available at 13, 15 or 18 Watts.  Intellitube® NR provides efficacies of up to 130 lm/W, and can be installed in either direct-wire (removal or bypass of ballast) or direct-fit (ballast compatible) modes.  Changing to an LED solution can yield an immediate energy savings of typically 50% over fluorescent, with a potential for an additional 20% savings when utilizing the dimming feature.


Download the Intellitube NR Spec Sheet.

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