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Raising the Standards of Wellness & Sustainability at Green Apple Day of Service

On September 26th, Energy Focus & USGBC headed together to Leckie Elementary School for this year’s Green Apple Day Flagship event.  Under their new principal, Atasha James, Leckie Elementary School has implemented sustainable programs in recent years, from recycling to organic gardening that provides food to the cafeteria.  In three years, the school has grown from 320 students to 550 students by adding new learning programs and modular classrooms located in the parking lot.

day of service

Volunteers from Energy Focus, USGBC, teachers, students and families from Leckie Elementary School gathered to participate in this year’s Green Apple Day of Service out of their utmost love for the school and the principal.  Some of the projects included raising garden beds, preparing existing garden beds for fall planting, and most instantaneously impactful – installing 100 Intellitubes that were donated by Energy Focus!

That Was Easy.

The Intellitube® installation process was one of the highlights of this project.  Our 100 Intellitube® donations were installed in three special education classrooms, three sixth grade classrooms (3 of 4 modular classrooms), and three hallway fixtures. The USGBC staff and several teachers all got into changing the lights once they saw how easy it was! By the end of the service, we not only were able to exceed the initial lumen lux measured (brightness) by making a one-for-one replacements of Leckie’s existing fluorescent lights, but also achieving a total wattage reduction from 96W per fixture to 39W per fixture with instances of de-lamping in 2 of the 3 special needs classrooms – a further reduction to 26W per fixture.

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An Eye-opening Transformation.

Immediately after the lighting installation, everyone was in awe with the immediate visual and mood (atmospheric) transformation.  One of the 6th Grade teachers who teaches in the modular classroom, stressed about how important this retrofit was to his classroom, as he had to constantly turn off half of the lights because his students would complain about headaches – “you would not believe, the students would beg me to turn the lights off”.


before 1after 1

The Real ‘Kind’ of Partnership.

We’d like to thank the teams from USGBC, Leckie Elementary School, and the Washington DC School District for this fun filled day of comradery and service.  As delighted as we were to have been invited, we were truly the ones inspired by the spirit of the Center for Green Schools and everyone at Leckie Elementary. It is out of the most authentic and kind intentions where we made this possible, together. Energy Focus will continue our journey to transforming the nation’s classrooms alongside kind organizations like Center for Green Schools and kind leaders like Atasha James.

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Don’t Stop Until You Get It!

Nonetheless, Energy Focus will continue to advocate and raise the standards to wellness and sustainability in the education sector for our precious students and selfless educators and you could be a part of this journey! First, we start by rolling out our “Change a light. Change a life.” Program where we will retrofit 50 special needs classrooms with 50 LED tubes in 50 schools at no cost in the NY, NJ and CT area. For more information on how to get your school involved click here.

change a light

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