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Sweeny ISD Receives Rebate Following E3 Project

Following the successful completion of a district-wide energy management project, Sweeny ISD has been awarded $21,194 from TNMP, an electricity transmission and distribution service provider. The energy management project was completed in 2016 and included a district-wide LED lighting upgrade, new energy management system, replacement of aging HVAC and chiller units, and installation of a new roof at Sweeny Elementary. Along with the one-time rebate check, the project is projected to yield $155,980 in energy and operational savings annually.

SISD worked with E3, a leader in K-12 energy efficiency projects, and TASB, the Texas Association of School Boards to develop the facility improvement project.  As a turnkey design-build contractor, E3 designed, installed, and managed the project while TASB monitored the development and installation.  TASB selected E3 as the sole provider for their energy efficiency and conservation program in 2009. Since that time, E3 and TASB have improved hundreds of school facilities through district-wide energy initiatives across Texas.

Sweeny ISD Cafeteria with new Energy Focus tubular LEDs

For the LED lighting upgrade, the district chose the Energy Focus TLED lamps, which are 70% more efficient than their existing fluorescent lamps. The new LED linear lamps have a ten-year warranty, do not require ballasts, and greatly reduce maintenance for more than a decade. Along with more efficient energy usage and lower utility costs, teachers and students will also realize a brighter, more vibrant classroom environment.

Sweeny ISD Library following the new installment of Energy Focus tubular LEDs

Sweeny ISD secured a low interest Qualified Energy Conservation Bond (QECB) to fund the project. The U.S. government bonds allow qualified schools to borrow funds for energy conservation projects at nominal interest rates. The allocation procured by SISD offered a fixed rate loan of 1.39%.

Those with questions on the E3 project are encouraged to contact Jared McCurley, Business Development Representative for E3, at jmccurley@e3es.com.

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